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Recycling in your town

While many people assume any plastic, glass or paper can be recycled, not everything can be accepted by every municipality.
Mixing nonaccepted items in with accepted recyclables can contaminate the recycling stream and create cost for municipalites that must dispose of the nonacceptable items.
Under Act 101: the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act, passed by the state in 1988, communities of more than 5,000 people must recycle.
Leaf waste, automotive oil and batteries are among the things that Pa. requires be recycled.

Below is a list of communities and what each recycles. If your curbside pickup does not collect something you think can be recycled, you can search for recycling drop-off locations by clicking here.

If you have information to add to this, e-mail efaust@pottsmerc.com.

Recycling is mandatory in this township. Bins are available for free for residents at the township building at 2004 Weavertown Road. Pickup is Friday between 4 and 6 a.m. Recycling can also be dropped off at the township building or at 120 Old Philadelphia Pike. Drop-off times are 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Accepted items at the drop-off centers:

* Leaves, in a brown paper bag.
* Brush, stumps, pallets, clean wood, yard waste
* Skids, forms, molding
* Building debris including: flake board, metamine wood, press board, composite board, wood trusses
* wood reels
* land clearing materials
* mold patterns
* creosote and pental woods (rail road ties, floor blocks, telephone polls - No CCA or Green Poles accepted)
* woods applied with finishes laminate woods
* plywood, crates
* burlap
* macadam
* concrete
* soil
* painted wood (no lead paint)
* demolition wood

The township gives fliers out explaining what is and is not accepted when you pick up your bin.
The following items are accepted in curb pickup:

* paper including: Junk Mail, Tablet Paper, Post-it-Notes, Copy Paper, File Folder, Construction Paper, Fax Paper, Wrapping Paper, Clean Tissue Paper, Magazines, Newspapers, Phone Books, Catalogues, Paperback books, Paper Bags, Paper Food Boxes(remove liners & windows), Gift Boxes without liners and corrugated boxes.
All paper must be flattened and placed in a brown paper bag or tied up.

North Coventry

Recycling Services Inc.

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Located on Elm Street in North Coventry, Recycling Services Inc. is a nonprofit recycling foundation started by Jim Crater. Craters main goal is to encourage people to use less. The center takes most recyclables other towns don't collect including all numbered plastics; glass; magnetic tapes such as cassettes and VHS tapes; CDs; DVDs; floppy discs; paper such as cardboard, junk mail, etc.; fishing wire; clean flowerpots silverware; old glasses; vegetable oil; and much more.
A full list can be found on its Web site, www.recyclingservices.org
All materials should be cleaned before they are dropped off, especially clothing, plastics and metal food containers.

Recycling must be placed in the provided green bins. Paper should be bundled.
As of Jan. 2, 2009, all residents must use the new blue toters dropped off at residences. The toters have what can be recycled printed on them, which has expanded from before.
As of Jan. 2, the following can be recycled:
Plastic #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7
Aluminum, steel, tin cans
Bimetal cans
Empty aerosal cans
Paint cans that used to carry latex paint (must be cleaned)
Glass: clear, amber, green, both food and beverage
Paper: newspapers, inserts, magazines, telephone books, junk mail, cereal boxes, beer boxes, any food box, and books (hardcover or softcover).
PVC piping, laundry detergent and bleach bottles (cleaned), drinking straws, yogurt containers, Tupperware, egg cartons and baby bottles.

Yard Waste: The new rules state that things like hedge clippings, small branches, leaves, plants, small shrubbery and other vegetation that can be composted will be picked up once a month on the first week of each month. That pickup begins in May and will run through October.

Yard waste may not be placed in a plastic bag, but must be put in either biodegradable paper yard bags or in cans.

Christmas trees will be collected for all four weeks in January.

*No lids or covers are recyclable curbside. If garbage is found in the recycling container, the borough will not pick it up until the garbage is removed.

Recycling pickup is on Tuesday on the west side of town and Thursday on the east side. If the recycling pickup day falls on a holiday, recycling will be picked up the next work day.

Lower Pottsgrove
Municipal trash service for all homes was discontinued in 2007. All haulers contracted to pick up trash are required to pick up recycling.
The following items are recyclable in the township, but each trash hauler varies.

Paper: newspapers, inserts, junk mail, office paper, magazines, phone books, chipboard (cereal boxes).
*paper should not be put out in the rain, should be bundled or placed in a PAPER bag. Corrugated cardboard and pizza boxes are not accepted.
Cans: aluminum and steel, bi-metal food and drink containers.
Glass: clear, brown and green. No blue glass
Plastic: #1-7 and laundry detergent bottles

Upper Hanover, Red Hill
Upper Hanover participates in the Red Hill Regional Recycling program. Recyclable items must be dropped off at 56 W. Fourth St. next to the Red Hill Municipal Building. The drop-off point is open 24 hours, seven days a week.

The following items may be dropped off:

* glass food and beverage containers
* aluminum cans
* plastics
* paper
* magazines
* junk mail
* catalogs

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