Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where to recycle electronics in Pa.

Under a new law, state residents can no longer discard their TVs, computers, laptops, DVD players or other electronic waste in their trash. The items must be taken to a recycling center or brought to a household waste recycling event.
Montgomery County offers several recycling collections throughout the year at different locations. To find the latest list of recycling collection events, visit Montgomery County Recycles!
Damaged, broken or unwanted electronics are also accepted at most Best Buy stores across the country, regardless of where the product was purchased, including the store in the Upland Square shopping center. (Best Buy Recycling program info)
Recycling Services Inc. in North Coventry also accepts electronics for recycling or reuse. For a list of items they accept, visit  http://www.recyclingservices.org/
The Department of Environmental Protection offers a list of businesses that recycle electronics and more information on state laws on its website, www.depweb.state.pa.us