Thursday, May 9, 2013

How much do treatment costs vary between local hospitals

The federal government released a report Wednesday, May 8, showing that costs for the same treatments varied widely between different hospitals in the same state and even the same city.
Below is the cost data collected on hospitals in Pennsylvania, among them Pottstown Memorial Medical Center, Phoenixville Hospital and Reading Hospital and Medical Center. You can search for hospitals by facility name or search the type of treatment. Not all operations or treatments available at area hospitals were looked at and will not be on the list.

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Anonymous Valentina said...

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Blogger Surbhi Kapur said...

I agree - we definitely need more studies like this and Mike/Dick continue to guide us all with excellent editorials. Nice to move beyond partial lunar cycle durations. The one thing I wish these "boring" studies would add are pre/post treatment surveillance cultures for resistant pathogens. It is unclear to me if "shorter" duration is always associated with lower risk of MDRO acquisition. It is possible that longer or even double/triple coverage might be associated with lower resistance. I would like to see surveillance cultures included so we can eventually understand the epidemiology of resistance and move beyond the dogma of shorter always equals better or "narrow" is always better than broad-spectrum. And maybe the dogma is correct, I just want data to prove it. However, I do agree that reducing exposure does lead to lower CDI risk, which is excellent. - See more at:


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Blogger Bren Murphy said...

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September 25, 2015 at 2:16 AM 
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