Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Code Red means stay cool

The Montgomery County Health Department will be issuing Code Red alerts anytime the heat index is expected to reach 100 degrees or higher.

The hot weather health warning will be issued since oppressivley hot weather can cause serious health problems, the health department said.

Last year, the county only issued one Code Red alert.

"Those especially at risk during extremely hot weather are very young children, the elderly, people with chronic medical conditions and those taking certain medications," said the health department.

The county advises everyone to heed the following advice during a Code Red:

Drink plenty of non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated liquids

Wear lightweight, loose clothing

Find a cool place to escape the heat, such as libraries or the mall

Take frequent breaks when working outdoors.

Those working outdoors should be especially careful as they can become quickly dehydrated, the health department warned.

The Office of Aging and Adult Services maintains a list of elderly county residents who it checks on during hot weather. Contact them at 610-278-3601.

The Montgomery County Human Services Center will serve as a "cooling site" during a Code Red emergency and all Senior Adult Activities Centers in the county offer air-conditioned facilities open to elderly residents.

Shelter from the heat for the homelessis available at the Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center on the grounds of Norristown State Hospital, 610-292-9244; at Norristown Ministry's Hospitality Center, 610-277-1321; or at the Salvation Army in Norristown, 610-275-4183, or Pottstown, 610-326-1621.