Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Local swimming pools

Following is a list of outdoor public and private pools in the area. Many, but not all, offer day rates. The list includes all pools of which we were aware. Most pools open at noon except where noted.

Amity Township Athletic Club ( 55 Amity Park Road, Amity; swim team, snack bar.

Bally Community Pool ( 425 Chestnut St., Bally; playground, volleyball, tennis, basketball, pavilions. Opened in late 1960s. Phone: 610-845-1480

Boyertown Community Pool ( 417 South Madison St., Boyertown; swim team. Opened in 1962

French Creek State Park (; Route 345, Union; pavilion, snack bar, boat rentals, ballfields, playgrounds, frisbee golf, hiking trails. Opens 11 a.m. most days, 10 a.m. Wednesdays.

Hickory Park Pool ( 2138 Big Road, New Hanover; pavilions

Hillside Aquatic Club ( 134 W. Moyer Road, Upper Pottsgrove; swim team, pavilion, volleyball, basketball, snack bar, kiddie pool. Opened in 1967. Opens 11:30 a.m.

Laurelwood Swim Club ( 801 Union Ave., North Coventry; swim team, snack bar. Opened in 1960.

Maple Springs Pool (; 415 Chestnut St., Birdsboro; swim team, pavilion, snack bar, kiddie pool.

Nine Oaks Swim and Tennis Club ( 777 Mennonite Road, Upper Providence; kiddie pool, shuffleboard, tennis, basketball, volleyball, snack bar. Opened 1966. Opens 11 a.m.

North End Swimming Club ( North Adams and Prospect streets, Pottstown; swim team, pavilion, basketball, volleyball, shuffleboard, baseball, snack bar, baby pool, playground. Opened in 1960.

Phoenixville YMCA ( 400 E. Potthouse Road, Phoenixville; full YMCA with three outdoor pools and two indoor pools, gym facilities. Opens at 5:30 a.m. for laps.

Skippack Pool ( 1224 Cressman Road, Skippack; swim team, pavilion, snack bar. Opens 11:30 a.m.

Spring City Community Pool ( 268 Brown St., Spring City; scuba lessons, pavilion, snack bar.

Spring Valley YMCA ( 19 W. Linfield-Trappe Road, Limerick; full YMCA with two indoor pools, gym facilities, etc.

Upper Perkiomen YMCA ( 476 Pottstown Ave., Pennsburg; full YMCA, gym facilities, skate-park etc.

Valley Forge Mountain Swim Club (; 610-783-1930): 1025 Horsehoe Trail, East Pikeland. Main Pool, Baby Pool.

Water World ( 655 Schuylkill Road, East Pikeland; children’s pool with slides, family pool with slides and rope swing, volleyball, snack bar, pavilion.

West Pottsgrove Community Pool ( 953 Von Steuben Drive, West Pottsgrove. Formerly the Colonial Swim Club.


Water safety advice from Army Corps of Engineers

* Learn to Swim and Practice Floating - Learning to swim is one of your best defenses against drowning, besides wearing a life jacket. Also, teaching those you love simple survival floating skills can help, because hopefully when your swimming ability is reduced from exhaustion, remembering how to relax and float can save your life.

* Never Exceed Your Swimming Abilities or Swim Alone - Regardless of how well you swim you could have to fight for your life due to unexpected conditions. A fellow swimmer can help you out when you encounter the unexpected.

* Don't Dive in Lakes and Rivers (Open Waters) - Open water situations where water depth is unknown and conditions are constantly changing with floating or underwater debris can be very dangerous.

* Wearing a Coast Guard approved life jacket can save your life - it only takes an adult an average of 60 seconds to drown and on average it takes 10 minutes for a strong swimmer to put on a life jacket after entering the water. If you will not wear it for yourself then wear it for those who love you.

* Alcohol and Water are a Deadly Combination - When under water and under the influence of alcohol or drugs you can suffer from an inner ear condition (caloric labyrinthitis) that causes you to become disoriented and not know which way is up. The use of alcohol and drugs can also affect your coordination, judgment and reaction time, and could lead to deadly consequences.